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1. “The rise of Right-Time Marketing”
The way marketers communicate with customers is being irrevocably altered. The proliferation of channels, customer touch points and product offerings is creating unprecedented marketing opportunities. At the same time response rates are decreasing, privacy regulations are tightening and consumers are looking for technologies to enhance their ability to filter marketing efforts. This paper explores the ways that companies can understand and use the key privacy and technology initiatives in order to bridge the gap between companies and customers in the new marketing age…
2. “CRM Analytics: Best Practice, measuring marketing effectiveness”
Measuring marketing performance has always been a challenge. Which metrics are meaningful? This paper explores the ways that companies can understand why Key Performance Indicators for marketing vary according to specific areas of responsibilities within the company….
3. “CRM: Best practices for Pipeline Management”
In today’s highly competitive and volatile marketplace, the ability to effectively manage the sales pipeline can have a profound impact on a company’s financial health. This paper explores the ways that companies can improve their pipeline management processes…
4. “CRM Integration between marketing, sales and service”
Today’s organisations increasingly seek to drive corporate performance by maximising the value of their customer relationships. Technology is a key component of any customer-focused strategy. This paper explores the ways that companies can achieve success through various customer-focused processes…
5. “Customer Insight: Getting to know them better, the role of customer insight in building your CRM strategy”
It is fundamental to success for any company to explore the changes in marketing information that must accompany the progression of a company from being product/sales driven to become customer driven and relationship focused. This paper explores the ways that companies can improve their customer relationship by developing sound strategies and supported by the measurement of relationship qualities.
6. “Doing more with less: Next-generation strategies and best practices for customer service”
Our new economic reality is one of increased competition, informed and demanding customers, commoditization of products and services and relentless pressure to cut costs. This paper explores the ways that companies can provide differentiated services at reduced costs.…
7. “Transition to eMarketing”.
eMarketing is the term used to describe the strategies and methodologies involved in marketing products and services through electronic channels (such as email, banner advertising, online sponsorships, webinars, e-newsletters and search engine optimization). This paper explores the ways that companies can understand that whilst eMarketing has proven to be a powerful means of marketing communication, traditional marketing activities remain fundamental to modern businesses…
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